This round of pre-orders closes December 3rd, ETA TBA (likely before Christmas)

      Store discounts/promotions do not apply to pre-order fabrics.

      Enter "PREORDERFABRIC" at checkout for 25% off this collection.

      NB// When placing an order, you have an MOQ of 5 × A4 sheets per colourway. If you order less than this, I cannot guarantee I will be able to fulfil your order. It will be dependant on the number of additional pre-orders accrued in that colourway.

      If I am unable to fulfil it, a full refund will be processed.  

      Please be mindful that these fabrics are not unlimited in supply. It's a case of first in, first served. If something is showing as "sold out" please contact me so I can check availability.



      14 products

      14 products