20cm x 20cm Sheet of Black & White Scalloped Dots Faux Leather
"A Dozen Butterflies" Die
A4 Sheet of Eucalyptus  Faux Leather
A4 Sheet of Baby Pink Litchi Leather (1.2mm)
A4 Sheet of Cadillac Litchi Faux Leather (0.9mm)
A4 Sheet of Cadillac Holographic Basket Weave Faux Leather (Thin)
A4 Sheet of Brushed Metallic Strawberry Faux Leather
Chunky Glitter
Reindeer Antler Appliques - Various Colours
Disco Diva Chunky Glitter
5 x Teeny Tiny Bunny Embellishments
1 Bunch of Mini Artificial Paper Flowers (various colours)
Embossed Crosses
A4 Sheet of Tan Vintage Embossed Lace Faux Leather (0.9mm)
Custom for B.M
A4 Sheet of Grape Fairy Dust Chunky Glitter
A4 Sheet of Raspberry Faux Suede
Fine Glitter
Frosted Chunky Glitter
Frosted Glass
A4 Sheet of Lavender Funfetti Chunky Glitter
Glitter Wool Felt Balls
10 x 32mm Gold Flat Single Prong Alligator Clips with Teeth
10mm Adjustable Elastic Headband - Various Colours
A4 Sheet of Mint Holographic Candy Stripes
A4 Sheet of Lavender Lace Glitter
A4 Sheet of Antique White Textured Faux Leather (Thin)
Litchi Faux Leather (0.9-1.2mm thick)
A4 Sheet of Metallic Blue Mirror Effect Faux Leather
A4 Sheet of Silver Metallic Waves
A4 Sheet of Koala Love Litchi Leather
A4 Sheet of Peony Pink Litchi Leather (1mm)
Pre-Order Dies & Templates
A4 Sheet of Cotton Candy Chunky Glitter
Ready to Ship Dies & Templates
Smooth Faux Leather
A4 Sheet of Cobalt Embossed Floral Smooth Faux Leather
Sequin Hearts Tulle
A4 Sheet of Navy Velvet Fabric (thick)